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Natick Recycling Committee Home Page              


6th Annual CYA Day Recycling Event- Sat. April 26, 2014

     9 - 1 Natick High School main parking lot  Rain or Shine  see CYA flyer here  


Collecting:   Electronic & Computer items: $5/item

                     Small appliances: $5/item     Car Batteries: $5 each

                     Microwaves, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers: $10/item

                     TV’s: $15 - $20 depending on size (VHS Tapes – gladly accepted)

Paper Shredding:  $5 - $10 depending on bin/box size - small businesses welcome

Clothing, Textiles, Shoes and Household Goods - collected by Big Brothers Big Sisters 

please check here for acceptable items and here for non-acceptable items - BBBS is not collecting electronics at this event, but we are - see above.

Bikes not Bombsusing the bicycle as a vehicle for social change

see above link for more info (nothing severely rusted please)

More Than Words - Books, CD's, DVD's, VHS (working only - nonworking goes in electronics collection)

Eye Glasses and Cell Phones - Natick Lions Club

Accepting Natick Food Pantry Donations 

Metal Collectionno charge!

Natick DPW will collect all metals, including washers, dryers and stoves.

NO Refrigerators, NO Air-conditioners (the ACs go to electronic collection mentioned above for a fee)

Sponsored by the Natick High School Computer Team

And the Natick Recycling Committee



As of July 1st, 2012 we are now accepting Rigid Plastics at the Recycling Center (Rigid plastics are hard plastics without a number on them - all numberd plastics go in regular plastics bin - except for Styrofoam)

List of acceptable and non-acceptable rigid plastic items


Small Business Recycling Info Page

Recycling Center Hours

As of July 1st, 2012 the Natick Recycling Center will only be open on

Thursday & Friday from 8:00 - 12:00 and

Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 - 3:30.

It is Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


You can bring leaves and yard waste all year long to the Recycling Center during operating hours - including Christmas Trees, if you missed the pick-up this year.


Public Space Recycling is working in Natick - Please look for and use our new green cage recycling bins in all our ball fields and public spaces - together we are making a difference!


Great News! The Paint Shed will be open again this spring at the Recycling Center.

 If you have Latex Paint that you would like to get rid of and you are a Natick resident you can bring it to the paint shed at the Recycling Center. Paint accepted from Natick residents only.

There is a 5 gallon limit per visit. Latex and enamel only, NO THINNERS or Oil based or anything like that.

Need Paint? Anyone can get the paint from the paint shed, you do not have to be a Natick resident to get paint. And right now the paint shed is full of good usable paint!


You can also offer paint on www.craigslist.com or www.freecycle.org . Both organizations allow you to give away things for free and you can arrange pick-up at your home or a drop-off at a mutually agreeable location.

If you have old oil based Paint or Stain you will need to wait until Hazardous Waste Day (annually, usually in May, contact the Board of Health for info) to dispose of it. If you have a lot of cans of old paint or other hazardous items or you are a business, you can call Clean Harbors (in Braintree) for disposal at 781-380-7120. There is a small fee.


Please don't put can of wet paint in your trash! Wet paint in cans costs the Town money to clean up for both the trucks and the mess it can make on streets and sidewalks. If you old dried up paint cans they can go into your blue trash bags.


You can bring leaves and yard waste all year long to the Recycling Center during operating hours


Public Space Recycling is working in Natick - Please look for and use our new green cage recycling bins in all our ball fields and public spaces - together we are making a difference!


Got a 'Recycling in Natick' question? contact us here.

Need to know right now - check out our A-Z recycling in Natick list 


Interested in learning more about the Expanded Bottle Bill in MA? - here are some great links


Here are two ideas to help you live more green:

Green Cleaning Tips; Water Conservation Tips



Shredded paper IS recyclable in Natick recycling programs, curbside and at the recycling center:

If you shred papers at home, place shredded paper in a paper bag and lightly tape or staple the top shut.  Securing the bag will help reduce litter.

Please, do not use plastic bags!   

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Brinley said

at 11:14 pm on May 5, 2010

last year we recycled more than 8 tons of stuff at CYA Day - looking forrward to another great event this year, 2010!

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